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Creating Successful Online Job Applications

 Successful Online Job Applications - Six Easy Rules to Follow...

Franklin Paterson Resumes

Creating successful online job applications on most job boards requires some thought and resume posting method. Here are a few simple rules to ensure that your resume is not ignored.

1. Resist the urge to simply send a blind resume via email or to upload your old resume. Employers seeking to hire, are more likely to view resumes in a format that they are accustomed to, the rest is for the delete button. Remember, managers are short on time too.

2. Please, Please follow the application instructions.  If the job asks you to put the Job ID in the subject or attach cover letter- Please do so. To ignore directions tells the manager that you do not/will not follow directions - and you wonder why they have not called on your resume.

3. Update your application. If you have created a job application a few weeks ago, please go back and update, you may have fallen to Resume 1005 - nobody reads that many!!  Every now and again, update to rise to the top.

4. Change or remove your objective or summary so your info looks new. Working on new software, or learning a new skill on your current job?  Add it to your resume.

5. Still no hits or interviews after three weeks- Thrash the whole thing. Create a new resume or profile.  Do it yourself or invest in your career, have a professional resume writer design it for you.

6. Many companies aware that some companies require a one month notice, and will accept a delayed start date - so hang in there!!!



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