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Should you add or leave out dates on your resume.....

Positions Available Increasingly jobseekers are choosing to omit graduation, work history and internship dates on their resumes.
Should you exclude dates from your resume ...

Reasons include:
  • Many jobseekers would like their skill set to shine and not the length of experience in the field
  • Attempt to “fuzzy” their experience to match the salary and experience required for the job to which they are applying.
  • A way for a change of career jobseeker to look like traditional-track graduate, who went to school, graduated, and then went directly into the field in which they are now applying.
  • Willing to take the risk that the two page functional rather than chronological style resume does not imply that the jobseeker is trying to hide something like job-hopping.


  • If you are leaving off dates to adjust your experience remember to also remove ancient technology, products and skills or names of companies that were out of business years ago.
  • Some Schools that were colleges years ago are now universities, and some degree programs have been merged with other programs or moved to different departments within your school, make sure that you update your school info.

Tell us your thoughts on this topic or your experiences…….

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