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Hello I am about to finish my B.E. in computer science engineering. in India... can you guide me for some good courses after B.E., because I don't think so that only B.E. shall help me today. ..can you list some good courses that shall add to my merit after B.E. or doing Masters shall be a good option.....I have heard that Certification courses have more weight than Masters in IT industry,, Is it true...??

My interest lies in Web Designing and Networking...... also my friend is undertaking C EH coaching is it really worth spending that money or its a waste... shall it really ensure a good Job or its just for gaining knowledge.... also I heard that Solaris Certification is in good demand .. is it true??
Thanks for your help....its really important because I believe that goals can be achieved through proper guidance only.... Thank YOU.....

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 My suggestion is to work backwards. What kind of position would be of interest to you when you graduate? Then go on to the job boards and search for those positions.

Review the types of degrees, certifications etc. required for the type of position you may have an interest in, this should give you a good idea of what you should be taking.

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