December 04, 2010

How to make past waitressing skills look good on a receptionist resume?

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meagan_hart18 How do I make past waitressing skills look good on a receptionist resume?
Asked by meagan_hart18

I am applying to be a receptionist at an office. I want someone to give me ideas about how to write the summary and description of serving so that it applys to being a receptionist. I was also a lifeguard if you could do the same for this it would be great also. I already know that I need to put that I had good communication skills, and execellent at dealing with customer complaints and requests; etc I just need someone to put it in a professional way for me.

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Receptionist and Waitresses share many key tasks and you are quite right that many of the skills are transferable. Among them:

1) "Initial contact with the public, ensured that restaurant image and service quality was maintained"
2)."Welcomed guests made sure that they were comfortably seated"
3) "Identified guest needs or who they were there to meet “and took their order
4) "Relayed needs or order to the chef"
5) "Resolved customer related problems" related to serving process and or food orders 6) "informed management of compliments or problems made by customers"
7) "Excellent verbal communication skills, legible writing skills" (receptionist often have to write written notes, it is not all email...)
There are many more, but these are enough to add to a starter resume. As you can see they are many translatable skills. The language in brackets can be used as part of your resume.

Continued good luck as you pursue this career path.
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March 08, 2010

Why you need a Professional Cover Letter

Cover lettersMid-career to senior jobseekers should have a cover letter which can also be used as a professional job intro email.
Applying to a job with a resume plus cover letter, makes your application more professional; because these documents are viewed by the managers as snap shot of the professionalism of the candidate.
A resume plus cover letter shows the quality of the work you will deliver once hired, AND that you are taking the application for a job at their company as very important indeeed!!
Create an email containing your resume plus cover letter, keep in your email drafts folder, so  if you need to dash off a resume immediately, when someone says send me your resume, you can send it right away with a professional intro/cover letter as the email intro.
Also when you apply to jobs you may notice many companies are checking the send cover letter also, button.
Take as much care in the creation of your cover letter as you do your resume. Remember your cover letter may be all the manager reads!!!

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February 17, 2010

Should you add or leave out dates on your resume.....

Positions Available Increasingly jobseekers are choosing to omit graduation, work history and internship dates on their resumes.
Should you exclude dates from your resume ...

Reasons include:
  • Many jobseekers would like their skill set to shine and not the length of experience in the field
  • Attempt to “fuzzy” their experience to match the salary and experience required for the job to which they are applying.
  • A way for a change of career jobseeker to look like traditional-track graduate, who went to school, graduated, and then went directly into the field in which they are now applying.
  • Willing to take the risk that the two page functional rather than chronological style resume does not imply that the jobseeker is trying to hide something like job-hopping.


  • If you are leaving off dates to adjust your experience remember to also remove ancient technology, products and skills or names of companies that were out of business years ago.
  • Some Schools that were colleges years ago are now universities, and some degree programs have been merged with other programs or moved to different departments within your school, make sure that you update your school info.

Tell us your thoughts on this topic or your experiences…….

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December 11, 2009

Creating Successful Online Job Applications

 Successful Online Job Applications - Six Easy Rules to Follow...

Franklin Paterson Resumes

Creating successful online job applications on most job boards requires some thought and resume posting method. Here are a few simple rules to ensure that your resume is not ignored.

1. Resist the urge to simply send a blind resume via email or to upload your old resume. Employers seeking to hire, are more likely to view resumes in a format that they are accustomed to, the rest is for the delete button. Remember, managers are short on time too.

2. Please, Please follow the application instructions.  If the job asks you to put the Job ID in the subject or attach cover letter- Please do so. To ignore directions tells the manager that you do not/will not follow directions - and you wonder why they have not called on your resume.

3. Update your application. If you have created a job application a few weeks ago, please go back and update, you may have fallen to Resume 1005 - nobody reads that many!!  Every now and again, update to rise to the top.

4. Change or remove your objective or summary so your info looks new. Working on new software, or learning a new skill on your current job?  Add it to your resume.

5. Still no hits or interviews after three weeks- Thrash the whole thing. Create a new resume or profile.  Do it yourself or invest in your career, have a professional resume writer design it for you.

6. Many companies aware that some companies require a one month notice, and will accept a delayed start date - so hang in there!!!


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November 24, 2009

Job Searching after the Thanksgiving holidays

MyNEXXTJob.netWhy Job Hunting after Thanksgiving is such a Brilliant Idea!!!!

With over 25% of jobseekers opting out of job hunting due to the holidays -a quarter of your competition just left the job search market, now is the time to capitalize on that advantage.

Many managers have projects that need to be completed before the end of the year; and with many employees taking vacations there is a real need to add staff- full time, consulting and hourly employees.

Contract to full time position are a great way to show employers your value, and skills.

Remember some of the best salary offers are made
during this upbeat time of year, so hang in there!!!

New full time and contract jobs are being added all the time…

     We hope that you will update your info soon.
  Jill Boston

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